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Welcome to Pieter Levels's chatbot!

This chatbot is trained on Pieter Levels's blog.

Pieter Levels' biggest entrepreneurial lesson?
How does Pieter Levels consistently come up with profitable project ideas?
What's Pieter Levels' top tip for remote work success?


Why use CreatorMind?

For you, the Creator:

  • Acquire new readers by pointing them directly to your articles
  • Retain existing customers by providing them key information they are looking for, from your articles without manual search
  • Provide a better personalized experience with accurate data from your articles, not the open internet

For them, your Readers:

  • Engage with their favorite content like speaking with a friend
  • Get summarized answers from multiple articles with a single question.
  • Find answers to their questions, backed up by extracts from the articles you read, and URL links to those articles


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I have been searching for this very thing for weeks now. 😳
Dóra Izsáki avatar
Dóra Izsáki
I LOVE this product. I have been searching for almost a year for this. All the other chatbot solutions are (1) too complicated and (2) mostly focused on customer support/sales. This was built with the creator in mind. And the team is amazingly responsive. They are iterating quickly. Just amazing. For me, this is a perfect example of product market fit. Once they added Squarespace I paid right away. And I started telling everyone I knew about the product.
Wendy-Lynn McClean
Wendy-Lynn McClean


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  • 5 chatbots
  • 1000 questions / month
  • Unlimited words / chatbot
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